Pre-University education takes place at Bloom World Academy Nexus, our dedicated zone for students aged 16 to 18 years.

Our overarching aim in Nexus is to prepare students for the real world in an environment that allows them to be independent thinkers, team players and future fluent. We do this through the use of learning techniques that encourage creativity and innovation, resilience, lifelong learning for continuous growth. Graduates of Bloom World Academy will be entering a global world in which the rate of technological change is fast and furious, and the future of the workplace is yet unimagined. While tomorrow’s career paths remain uncarved, we can prepare students to embrace whatever opportunities await by teaching them skills that go beyond academics or mastering the latest technologies. These include skills in designing, creativity, collaboration, communication, problem-solving, innovation and probably most importantly, independent living skills.

The Nexus Pre-U programme is a two-year academically challenging, rigorous and balanced course of education. 

University and College Guidance

The students of Bloom World Academy will go on to universities and careers throughout the world and our specialist careers team will work with individuals to create their personal pathway. We will support the students through information, advice and offer guidance to enable them to make informed choices about their onward educational journey.

Students will be guided through the different stages of the further education application processes and provided with all the relevant school documentation to complete this.

This includes Bloom World Academy hosting annual University Fairs, ´What Next´ Careers events with speakers from a variety of industries and many presentations from prestigious universities/colleges from around the world.

We aim to see our first graduation cohort in the spring of 2026 graduating from our school with the most sought-after pre-university qualifications.