Our pastoral care system relies on the informed supportive structure in which all teachers play an active part in the welfare of our students. Tutors see each student in their tutor group, both formally and informally, to develop a relationship of trust and confidence, and be closely and continuously aware of individual students’ academic and emotional needs, providing practical support.

The Bloom World Academy tutorial system has many purposes. We foster our students’ personal and social growth, so that they develop a sense of individual responsibility and an awareness of well-being-related issues. We also supervise their academic progress and encourage them to develop sound habits of work and positive attitudes to learning.

Bloom World Academy encourages students to express themselves confidently and articulately by developing critical thinking, expression of opinion, self-confidence, leadership qualities, initiative and public-speaking skills. We promote respect for others and the important skill of good listening and recognition of the value of others’ contributions. We aim to broaden students’ cultural and intellectual interests through our vibrant PSHE programme (Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education).

At Bloom World Academy we also believe that an important part of a healthy school is offering opportunities for older and younger students to mix, support and learn from each other. To facilitate this, students are not just a member of their peer tutor group but are also part of a ‘family’ weekly tutorial session where students of all ages mix together.