Our curriculum at this stage of the school is underpinned by the philosophy and practical aim of students to develop independence and to take responsibility for their own learning – skills that last a lifetime.

This aim is brought to life at Bloom World Academy by our determined focus on the development of the whole child addressing cognitive, social, physical, emotional, cultural and academic needs and aspects to learning. 

Curriculum Framework

Students are provided with opportunities to learn and develop skills and knowledge in a wide range of subjects, including Language Arts (English), Mathematics, Science, Literacy, Social Studies, Performing and Creative Arts, Physical Education, Language (Arabic, French, German and Spanish), Digital Technology and, for our Muslim students, Islamic Studies.

Curriculum Approaches

What is significantly important at Bloom World Academy is not just what students learn in the formative years of education, (although what is learnt is vitally important and great care is given by teachers in developing the content and coverage of the curriculum) but also how students learn.  Through our carefully crafted programme students are encouraged to:

  • Learn through inquiry and research
  • Build on their prior knowledge when learning new things
  • Learn individually
  • Work and study collaboratively
  • Express their voice and opinions
  • Challenge themselves in their journey to become independent learners


Teachers in the junior school internationally published assessment criteria as a benchmark for their grading. They provide a variety of assessment tasks, such as open-ended activities, investigations, organised debates, hands-on experiment, exhibitions and reflections, allowing students to demonstrate their achievement according to the determined criteria.