We believe that every student has potential and distinct, unique strengths and skills.  Our goal is to nurture that potential to help our students learn and grow.

We do this through a customised curriculum, identifying each students’ gifts and talents and providing an individualised and tailored programme of learning, identified through our robust and comprehensive assessment of the students’ skills and knowledge.  

We recognise that students have learning differences and, through individual evaluations, we seek to understand and address these differences. We work collaboratively with students and their families to recognise and remove barriers, which may at times impact their achievement, participation and learning.

Our dedicated Integra team support students who may have an imbalance in their academic performance – either struggling in a subject or needing accelerated programming – as well as those who need support in developing their study or self-organisation skills.  The Integra team also include specialists who provide targeted support to students for whom English is an additional language, view our English Programme. It is our goal that all of our students will have access to the additional support they need within the school day program, thereby reducing the burden on parents to seek external tutoring support.