The performing and creative arts are central and integral to educational life at Bloom World Academy.  A powerful mode of communication through which students explore and construct a sense of self and develop an understanding of the world around them.  Our arts programmes provide students with a wide range of opportunities to respond both to their own experiences and to engage with historical, social and cultural perspectives. 

The arts curriculum seeks to connect conceptually and thematically to the units of inquiry being studied in the classroom at all stages of the curriculum.  Students are stimulated to think and to articulate their thoughts in new and innovative ways and through a variety of media and technologies. In doing so, performing and creative arts promotes students’ imagination, critical thinking, problem-solving skills and collaborative interactions.

As well as being introduced to a myriad of different artistic techniques and media, including drama, two- and three-dimensional and digital processes, Bloom World Academy students are exposed to visual arts from multiple cultures, languages, genres and time periods. 

In this way, through exposure to different forms of art, along with a deepening comprehension of the elements of performance art and the principles of design, students develop their ability to select appropriate media and techniques to effectively communicate their ideas independently.

At Bloom World Academy, we believe that all students learn most successfully in a safe, nurturing environment; an environment where they are not afraid to take risks and make mistakes, where the processes of inquiring, experimenting, and collaborating are just as important as the product produced.  Above all, the performing and creative arts programme serves to develop innovative thinking and creative use of technologies, and in so doing, prepares students to participate fully in this multifaceted world.

At Bloom World Academy, we value traditional practices in the arts, such as dance, theatre, painting and sculpture, whilst also embracing the contemporary.  Access to technology gives students a wide range of tools with which to express their ideas.  Students practice skills and concepts learned in class and explore their own interests in the visual arts and performing arts. 

In practical terms there will be regular and on-going drama productions, exhibitions, workshops, video and podcasts from all age groups in the school – parents and families will be always invited to attend and support students’ performances. Exhibitions form a key part of our assessment process and, wherever possible, creative achievements will be recognised through a forum of ‘public’ celebration.