Parents are a vital part of the Bloom World Academy community. We believe that a close partnership between school and families is essential in order to maximise the growth and learning development of each child.

With the school (and the students themselves) parents are integral in developing the students’ Learning Achievement Passport and the subsequent review and checking of progress each month. With this genuine partnership approach, parents will be as fully engaged as they wish to be in their child’s development.

Open Door Policy

Parents are welcome to visit the school at any time which is convenient for them. Bloom World Academy will always aim to meet with a parent as soon as requested. Parents will always have an open invitation to see the school in action in order to visit classrooms, attend productions, exhibitions and sporting events.


Each month we hold a series of parent workshops (both face-to-face and remotely) which, depending on age and phase, will provide information and discussion opportunities on the best ways to support learning, understanding the curriculum, guidance on future education opportunities and other topical and pertinent subjects appertaining to child and adolescent development and education. 


The Bloom World Academy Parents’ Association is a focal point for our school community. It plays a vital role in building the morale and fabric of the school, giving parents the opportunity to meet other parents and guiding and supporting the school in its development. We are also convinced that students are more enthusiastic about learning when they know that their parents are involved in school life. Activities organised by the Parents Association can include various forms of celebrations, festivities, book fairs and cultural events. The Parent Association will also be encouraged to collaborate with the school to support arts, drama and musical productions and assist with sporting events.

Parents interested in becoming more involved or who have any questions are invited to e-mail our Parent and Community Engagement Manager at ​​​​​​