Innovation in Action – Lumos 

Lumos is our Bloom World Academy innovation programme.  This is a unique programme which has been designed to nurture student innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership skills beyond the classroom.  All students can participate in the Lumos Programme to develop their ideas for new businesses or products.

Bloom World Academy is one of only a few K-12 schools in the UAE to offer this ‘incubator’ experience.  We believe that the next “big ideas” will come from the under-18 sector.  Lumos provides students with real-life experiences and essential skills beyond academics and theory, so they can pursue their dreams now rather than at some time in the future.

The school embraces the world of technology, design and business and nurtures imagination and creative thinking through Lumos.  The creation of an environment conducive to creativity and innovation is vital and our Lumos Centre serves as a focal point for innovation activities across all areas of the School.  Located in the heart of the school, The Lumos Centre is a two-floor facility equipped with a wide range of machinery and tools including a laser cutter and 3D printers. 

Driven by an outward look on learning, students will be challenged to explore, play and create in preparation for real-world scenarios and will be taught how to harness innovation and entrepreneurship.  They will also be encouraged to develop technical, digital and physical products and taught how to prepare to launch these to market, bringing their ideas to life.

Through strong engagement with local industries, Bloom World Academy promotes innovative design and creativity in relation to new technological developments and participation in UAE based education, research and innovation initiatives.  We enrich the experience of students through collaboration with established and successful professionals to explore potential ideas and real-life problem-solving, for real case study opportunities, mentoring and student support.