The Bloom World Academy Research Centres and Libraries (Junior and Senior)are well-resourced facilities offering students, teachers and parents access to a wide range of literature, technology and artefacts, all in place to develop and maximise learning – especially independent inquiry.

  • Literature – our collection totals over 9,000 books for students of all ages, including a wide variety of fiction in English, Arabic, Spanish, French, German and Mandarin.
  • Technology – in the research centres there are docking screens/stations – designed for individual and small group research work.
  • Artefacts – the research centres host a collection of regularly refreshed artefacts – all designed to support the curriculum and learning topics, and reflects topical subjects, and the history and development of the UAE.

The research centres have an open-door policy where students and teachers have ready access throughout the extended school day and where parents are most welcome to use during open sessions.

Students will be encouraged to be part of the management and organisation of the research centres.