As technology continues to transform our world and reshape the nature of interactions and communication every day, there is an urgent need for education to respond. Bloom World Academy sees this as a key aspect of the educational content on offer.  Staff use technology as a means of aiding instruction but also a tool to enhance the entire learning process.  Students from the earliest stages of Bloom World Academy have daily access to hardware and software which can enhance their ways of learning.

The key components to transform teaching and promote learning at Bloom World Academy are:

  • Each student is provided with an Apple personal digital device and taught how to use it most effectively to support and enhance their learning
  • Use of a range of endorsed digital platforms and cutting-edge educational software
  • Digital safety programme focused on the well-being of students
  • Specialised and continuous professional development for our teaching staff, as well as training of students in the correct use of technology

Information and Communication Technology

ICT is fully embedded in the curriculum in all phases and extends beyond just access to laptops and iPads. Our programme includes robotics, programming, coding and practical use of technology to enhance and support learning.