Our purpose, promise and values shape the day-to-day standards. Many of these are truly unique to the region. We deliver the very best education to ensure each and every child will be academically successful, socially happy and emotionally attuned and resilient.

We guarantee an educational experience built upon customising the learning experience through key domains – the five C’s:

  • Choice – passport to success
  • Character building
  • Creativity applied
  • Culture and Language
  • Community cohesion

Choice – Passport to Success

We believe that every child and young person is truly a unique learner. Our goal is to nurture each individual’s potential to learn, grow and make the world a better place. We do this through customising each child’s learning experience.

Bloom World Academy embraces the individuality of each learner and educates and supports the learning journey through a robust academic curriculum and an extensive selection of co-curricular programmes.

Practically, we do this by developing a customised Learning Achievement Passport (LAP) for each student.

Our students’ LAPs are created in partnership with parents and the learner based on a clear assessment of prior learning and achievements and clear understanding of progress to expect, the support and stretch that maybe required, and goals to aim for to plot the learning journey of each student. The LAP will be reviewed monthly by the student’s key tutor, parents and the student.

Examples of the bespoke attention a student may receive that may be outlined in their LAP include:

  • Access to an innovative programme or tutorial
  • Tailor-made enrichment activities to gain additional support and challenge in certain subjects
  • Opportunities to take additional qualifications
  • Exposure to new languages
  • Opportunities to be stretched through studying with students of similar abilities and interests

In essence, Bloom World Academy recognises and fosters each student’s gifts and talents, providing support and unleashing potential.

Character Building and Well-being

Based on our values, we affirm that every student’s whole well-being matters; that’s mind, body and spirit - aspects which are intrinsically connected to their academic progress.

We know that we can’t separate academic health from the physical and emotional; when students are emotionally well it positively impacts their engagement in class and the wider world around them. “Who am I?”, “Who am I to you?” and “Who am I to the wider world?” are key questions we want every student to be able to answer and this starts with every student knowing and having confidence in who they are and who they can become.

Well-being is embodied through our pastoral system and at the heart of the student-tutor relationship – put most simply, well-being is integral to our overall purpose of providing an inspiring world of education: building self-belief and empowering individuals to succeed.

We offer a taught programme of emotional and social well-being to develop values, skills and traits that will last a lifetime.

Creativity Applied

We embrace the world of technology, design and business and, by nurturing every student’s imagination through innovation and entrepreneurship, deliver real world experiences that provide students with opportunities to shine and grow.

Encouraging creative thinking and application is the spine that runs through Bloom World Academy. All students will have significant opportunities to experience and be involved in the arts: performance (drama/theatre), dance, music and public speaking; and the creative: art, design, technological, and digital (innovative and traditional). A spiral curriculum, where similar themes and skills will be retaught and returned to in an age-appropriate way, offers opportunities to experience many times or to specialise, from early years through to pre-university.

Our students are taught and encouraged to be inventors; your child will reach their full potential and become future fluent. We create opportunities and experiences across the school with our flexible approaches to teaching and learning (no boundaries – if you’re keen enough you’re old enough) and the experiences we create through:

  • The Lumos Innovation Centre
  • Practical learning activities that harness imagination, bringing them to life and brought to the marketplace!
  • Connections with specialist teachers and programmes
  • Entrepreneurship celebrated and students’ skills and ideas developed with our skilled partners in the vocational world

Culture and Language

Bloom World Academy is an inclusive and diverse community combined with an international focus, allowing us to develop a community that celebrates diversity in all its forms. We understand that our school’s community is enriched by the varying backgrounds of our members, including those of age, cultural tradition, ethnicity, gender, nationality, physical ability, race and socio-economic position.

We seek to enrol families who will work in partnership with our school to embrace the challenging, yet rewarding, situations borne from diversity; furthermore, we will support and be an advocate for our community, recognising that different perspectives add value and are actively encouraged. We recognise that our community includes our families, staff, and friends ― all of whom contribute to the tapestry of our school.

We do not settle for the idea of immersion when it comes to educating children – we proactively teach about diversity and culture, and we are respectful of difference.

We also firmly believe that international understanding and appreciation can only really be appreciated and understood if we can communicate with each other. This is why we place a strong emphasis on language learning and teaching, providing students of all ages with the opportunity to learn at least two languages alongside English and Arabic. Additionally, for those students who may join with limited English we have a comprehensive EAL (English acquisition) programme that we tailor to students’ needs.

Bloom World Academy is fully committed to a strong sense of global understanding. We recognise that diversity as a concept continues to evolve, and that we, as a community, will evolve with it. Our dedication to this effort is continuous and ongoing.

Community Cohesion

While we have a real focus on the individual and customised learning experiences at Bloom World Academy, we equally believe the collective power and support of the community is transformative. Ensuring we have a connected and cohesive community is a vital part of life at our school. We know students learn from each other and from their learning environment which we enhance by connecting and valuing the different contributions and talents of all members.

Efforts and initiatives to build community cohesion are at the forefront of much of our work. These include opportunities for students of different ages to learn together, communal events and performances, mentoring (older students working with younger students and an open-door policy for parents), as well encouraging strong links with key partners outside school life that will add real value inside school.