Welcome to Bloom World Academy

It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to our truly unique school based on a bedrock of strong moral, ethical foundations. We are a school which has the highest expectations and standards for all of our community; a school in which adults are great role models who cherish the creative and innovative, a school which genuinely embraces differences by customising, stretching and supporting the learning journey of each and every child and young person, and a school which guarantees that you and your child will succeed and, most importantly, be happy.

Over many years in working in education and schools I have seen and often been part of the very best. I believe it is vitally important for children and families to feel they genuinely belong to a community and for teaching staff to really care and aim for each child to be educated as an individual.

Our promise is to deliver the very best education we can to ensure each and every child will be as academically successful, socially happy and emotionally attuned and resilient as they can be. This ambition is based on some very clear and considered values that govern the way Bloom World Academy teaches our students every single day.

We have recruited the very best teachers and staff who personify the right aptitude, positive attitude and most importantly, the right values to ensure children experience the very best education from the moment they enter our school.

There is no denying Bloom World Academy is a new school and we know that there is no more important decision a parent makes than the investment in their child’s education – wanting long term success and assurances their child will achieve as much as they can – while really enjoying the journey, with values and qualities that will be instilled for a lifetime. To this end we are genuinely committed to working in partnership with our parents – in both planning and delivering your child’s education.

We guarantee joining Bloom World Academy and working together will be a truly unique, refreshing, empowering and successful experience.

I invite you to explore our website for more information and to visit our wonderful school in person.

We look forward to meeting you.

John Bell